Abiotic and Biotic Components

With further investigation numerous relationships between unemployed professors review and unemployed professors reviews components can be identified throughout the GBR. Coral is a significant factor for the overall survival of this ecosystem. Coral relies on sunlight and sunlight penetration in order to provide the zooxanthellae and coral polyps with compounds needed for photosynthesis (Noaa, 2017). Which is when carbon dioxide and water is transformed using sunlight and chlorophyll to produce glucose and oxygen (RSC, 2018). In return the algae use that oxygen to help the coral remove wastes (Noaa, 2017). This process enables survival for the coral, and a food source for the primary consumers. Decreased salinity levels will also result in coral dying, as fluctuations in precipitation will increase runoff of sediment, freshwater and land-based pollutants causing an unbalanced ratio of salt to water (CRA, 2019).

Also contributing to algal blooms, causing murky water conditions which will reduce......

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Twelfth Night Themes Essay

Twelfth Night is a complex story that carefully uses trickery, disguise, and love to form the relationships between the characters, creating a love triangle that makes the story comical and engaging. Shakespeare crafts his characters and forms the storyline to reveal to the reader how societal roles create labels that are not always representative of the status one deserves.

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