How To Write A Love Poem

As a complement to romantic acts, poems end up seducing, for this reason, you have to learn to write one. It is here when the man (or even the woman) who is conquering must become a hero and poet.
What should be done to achieve the perfect poem? The answer can be found in the lyrics of Benedetti, Neruda and many famous poets who say that you have to be honest with yourself.
If you need more help you should take into account the following elements writing a poem.


To write a love poem, you must consider your feelings.
When you look at the person you love, what goes through your mind? Think of words to describe how that person makes you feel. When you kiss him or her when you say goodbye, when the night covers you or when your hands come together to complete the puzzle of love.
If you really get in touch with your feelings you will realize that words fail to describe with certainty what you feel. At that time you have to make use of the metaphor. According to the poets, it is a relation of similarities between the meanings of the words. Take Neruda as an example, who related women to some beautiful natural landscape. So you can compare the smoothness of some part of the body with another object.


Strictly speaking, dramatization will give your composition a literary identity. It will be like creating a story, your story. Do not forget to be somewhat nostalgic when describing how you met. Was it love at first sight? Where did you meet? Maybe at a dating website like wellhello, what happened on the first date? Go joining the points and make a romantic story of you two.
If you want to take the concept in common, you must let your intensity flow and deliver the deepest words you can.


If you are writing a love poem it is because someone convulsed your mind, heart, and life. Consider that people like to know how important they are, take advantage of the moment and explain how his or her arrival changed your existence. In your writing, you must describe how you were before (a gray being and without a spirit of living) and how you are now (a radiant lover willing to lower all the stars of the sky).


When it comes to the format of a poem, the writing of a rhyme or pattern should not be the main focus of your attention. If a rhyme comes naturally, catch it like a hunter, but if words come loose don't limit yourself. In love it doesn't matter how couples enjoy themselves, the point is that they do it. If so, why should you imprison the verses? The important thing about a love poem is what and not how.


Forget about prejudices. You are a romantic person and so you must express yourself. If the sweetest words come out of your hand, do not stop, do not tremble or doubt. Write without stopping until your heart is at peace. The tone or pitch is you, your voice and the color of your soul.
In the literary world, the tone or pitch is related to the prosody, part that deals with the regular and correct pronunciation of the words with respect to the accent and the amount or duration and many other poetic components. This semantic field would be important if you were writing an academic poem, but what you want goes beyond the cold classrooms; It is a free, warm and sublime feeling. Let it flow.